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We are a family owned and operated business that is vertically integrated with nurseries, farms, distributorships, and dispensaries.

Sales Representative

We are looking for sales reps in various regions in northern California. This is a great opportunity to learn our out-of-the-box anti-marketing grassroots sales strategy. On our team, you will have the biggest impact of any sales rep out there. Owning a reliable vehicle and having a valid driver’s license is required. you need to be able to distinguish between varieties of flowers by look and smell. You will need an understanding of the lineage and market application of all known cultivars. you will need to be able to speak to the properties of cannabinoids and compare and contrast various genetics. You will have the highest level of communication and time management skills. You will strategize closely with management on a daily basis in order to stay current with quickly changing market trends. You will be traveling 50% of your time on the job. Your job hinges on creating and maintaining positive long-term working relationships with qualified partners.

Please apply by submitting your resume or cover letter to the email address displayed after clicking Apply For Job button

Oaksterdam candidates add “#Oaksterdam” to their resume or application form.

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